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About Us

The skilled craftsmen at Greenwood Studio design and build elegant custom woodwork for residential and commercial clients. We create cabinetry, furniture, and other wood installations that meet our customers’ needs for functionality and quality while expressing their unique sense of style.

We work in domestic and exotic hardwoods, locally milled lumber, reclaimed wood, and premium-grade plywood. Whatever the material, Greenwood Studio is committed to environmental stewardship and to protecting the health of our craftsmen and clients. We choose formaldehyde-free products and waterborne finishes whenever possible; we recycle discarded lumber to a Michigan electric plant for use in powering its operations.

Marc Wiegers, an experienced professional woodworker, founded Greenwood Studio in 2008. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Marc spent over 15 years working in custom woodworking shops where he built restaurant and bar interiors, interactive museum exhibits, and residential cabinetry and furniture. He launched Greenwood Studio in order to have full control of the design, quality, and integrity of his work.